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We are looking for most innovative and dynamic start ups ready for global expansion through the UK.

United Kingdom overview

UK is the fifth largest economy in the world and one of the world’s major trading nations.

Market opportunity

Over 64 million people live in the UK – a major market in its own right. But it is also the gateway to Europe, the world’s largest single market with more than 500 million consumers. 20 of the 50 fastest growing European tech companies are based in the UK.


Low tax burden

The World Bank rates UK tax system as the most business-friendly of the ten largest economies in Europe, both in terms of rates and administrative burdens. The UK’s low corporate taxes and competitive rules for taxing the profits of multinationals attract the biggest global enterprises to the UK. The UK’s corporation tax is 20 percent, by far the lowest in the G7 and the joint lowest in the G20. This rate will fall even further – to 19 percent in 2017 and 17 percent in 2020.

Stock market strength

Listing in London allows companies to tap into one of the deepest pools of international equity assets anywhere. As well as being one of the largest capital markets in the world, the London Stock Exchange is one of the most international. It is home to nearly 3,100 companies from over 70 countries. AIM s the London Stock Exchange’s international market for smaller growing companies. A wide range of businesses including early stage, venture capital backed as well as more established companies sign up to AIM seeking access to growth capital. It is the most successful growth market in the world.

Dynamic attraction

The business-friendly environment is boosting innovation across multiple sectors and generates a vibrancy that attracts the biggest and the best. This dynamism creates faster growth in the financial technology sector than anywhere else in the world.

Professional strength

The UK is a world leader in professional and business services such as accountancy, law and auditing services that provide essential expertise to underpin your innovation, export and expansion plans. More than half of the world’s top forty international networks of accountancy firms are headquartered in the UK.

Venture Capital and the business Angels community

As far as investment prospects go, the UK is second only to the USA. In Q1 2016, Venture Capital (VC) backed investment was at the level of $1.26bn invested into 105 companies. Altogether in 2015 UK tech companies raised $3.6bn . At the moment there are 17 UK’s unicorns – startups with billion-dollar valuations.

Going Global from the UK  – POLAND

We are looking for Poland’s most innovative and dynamic start ups ready for global expansion via the UK.

The UK Acceleration Programme

1st stage: Submission of the application

Each project should be submitted via an application form that is available on our website. The application is then verified and we consider a possible offer from our side on the conditions for further cooperation.

2nd stage: In-house training in Poland

In-training day is designed to provide those companies that have passed the selection process inside of the UK’s Startup environment. UK business culture from both the Polish and UK perspective. UnitedIn will also provide the companies with an information package helping them to arrange the needed logistics before their stay in the UK.

Training Agenda:

  1. UK Overview: Understanding and leveraging the resources unique to the UK
  2. Legal, Tax and Accounting: Implications of doing business in the UK,
  3. Funding Process: Overview of our funding process, pitching to Venture Capitalists (VC), IPO and Corporate Investors
  4. Corporate Partners: Addresses the importance of corporate partners as a go-to-market channel for emerging technologies and how to get in touch to proceed with partnerships
  5. Sales Workshop: Time dedicated to modifying the client sales presentation, sales process, description of common mistakes and key issues raised by the prospect clients
  6. Go-To Market: Overview of scalability of operations, monetisation and business plan based on overall market trends for various sectors
  7. Startup Case Studies: Experiences of other local and international startup communities; interaction with founders and CEOs through information sharing and networking

Soft skills, cultural differences, business culture and negotiations (based on case studies)

3rd stage: Market entry strategy

Each company based on the unique profile will receive a tailor made market entry strategy prepared by Unitedin in cooperation with UK partners. Market entry strategy will include:

  1. location study (the best place to locate operations in the UK)
  2. UK data analysis market (information about the local target industry)
  3. News from the sector (update on newest technologies and market trends)
  4. List of prospective partners and clients (network needed for market performance)

Next steps (description and detailed plan of UK expansion)

4th stage: UK acceleration phase

After the training during a 1-year programme based in the UK, participants will receive ongoing support in implementation of market entry strategy, companies will have access to our strategic resources including fund-raising opportunities through direct introductions to VCs and other investors, business development and academic opportunities through our corporate and technology partners as well as coaching and mentoring opportunities through our network of advisors.

Plan of trips to the UK

Participation in the acceleration programme involves several trips to the United Kingdom.

Our team plans to detail every trip in terms of the needs of each project individually .

1st visit: an introduction to local environment.

Each project participants will be placed in a sector community. There are over 70 business accelerators and over 59 start up local programmes in the UK across sectors such as FinTech, CleanTech, Cyber security, E-commerce, Live science, Digital and more. Our team will place participants in the relevant sector community and introduce them to key sector players.

2nd visit: event participation.

Each project participants will have an opportunity to take part in one major sector event to get insights on what’s hot and market trends. They will also have an opportunity to boost they local network.

3rd visit Academic or Venture Capital

Each company will be given opportunities to pitch to Venture Capital, IPO, Crowd funding and Corporate Venture or Angel Investor groups or be introduced to the academic society responsible for innovation and international cooperation including London, Oxford and Cambridge.

4th Visit local and Government support

Each company will meet representatives of local civil service to learn about the support they can get in terms of: public funding, export initiatives and local and industry chambers of commerce.

Achieve Success with Unitedin – Apply

What we give you when you participate in the programme

During the programme companies will have access to the following (where applicable):

  1. Business Development Opportunities: Each company will be given opportunities to pitch to suitable corporate or other strategic partners.
  2. Fundraising Opportunities: Each company will be given opportunities to pitch to Venture Capital, IPO, Crowd funding and Corporate Venture or Angel Investor groups.
  3. Mentorship and Coaching: Each Company will have access to a local mentor who is an industry veteran and domain experts and can advise or consult with companies.

Companies on Acceleration programmes will receive additional support and dedicated time from our team including:

  1. Business Plan Coaching: Our team will provide coaching to each company in preparation for pitching and sales process and/or to adjust or adapt their business plan to the local environment
  2. Company Mentor: Each company will be assigned a local mentor, who will meet with the company regularly to review milestones and objectives, and facilitate access to programme resources
  3. Strategy consulting: We will support companies in: market strategy, market and product positioning and introductions to relevant contacts throughout our vast network of local contacts across the UK.

During the term of the programme all of the companies will receive:

  1. Full Service Office Space: Each company will be provided with shared office space for 1 employee for 1 year. This includes front desk and reception service, conference room use, basic internet connection and shared phone/fax/copy facilities at the UK business accelerators relevant to the sector industry they represent.
  2. Networking Opportunities: Companies will have free access to over 100 of our community networking events. Events provide a platform for companies to explore collaboration and other opportunities with other companies and potential partners.
  3. Professional Service Partners: Companies will have access to our service partners in areas including Legal, IP, Accounting, HR, Banking, etc. (charged separately)
  4. Additional Services: Companies will have access to other on-site services including IT support, top-tier data-center and talent acquisition/recruiting (charged separately)

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